• The diary that changed an era!

    "Dear Kitty"

  • The People the places

    1952 will never be the same again!

    Who was Aunt Kitty?

    "Service not self"

    Kitty gave her entire life to the service of others. Throughout her life she served as a rock for Jen Joyes, which is why even after Kitties death, Jen continued to write to her in the form of letters, that went on to become the "Dear Kitty diaries"

    Jen Joyes

    "Internationally Renowned"

    Damien Gen’s famous Airsupport girls from the 1950s are back. Ever since Mr William George rediscovered the “Dear Kitty” diaries of Miss Jen Joyes in 2005, new light has been shed on those flying International Bright young things who helped shape an era.
    Now with the help of damien gen(London) Ltd’s archive department and Damien Gen’s archive team, The "Dear Kitty diaries" are being carefully edited and will be ready for publication in the near future. 

    Catherine De'lancey would be proud!